Blessings cafè

Blessings cafè

Rebecca A.

Bonafini makes my heart melt every time I walk through the door. The welcoming smiles of the owner Lilly & her employees just draws you in and makes you never want to leave. 

Bonafini which is Lillys last name is built on her strong Italian heritage and  no doubt you can taste it in the food she serves. The brunch menu has all the good things from steak and eggs, to a chia bowl to a delicious pastrami salmon olive toast.


Recently the dinner menu changed to highlight some incredible pasta dishes. Last night I had the opportunity to dine in and boy was I pleased. 
My favourite dishes were the lasagna and papperdelle but I will say every single dish is incredibly phenomenal. I just have a liking to meaty pastas. 
All the pastas are available in gluten free which in this day and age you know you love that option.

The steak was tender, lean and deliciously topped with a mushroom ragu. I'm a huge fan and highly recommend Bonafini if you are, as I am, a pasta person. 

The dishes will blow your mind and at a really reasonable price.

Clay H.

Came here for a weekday brunch (on Friday) and I was more than pleasantly surprised.The atmosphere is perfect. What they make up for in small space is a homey and relaxing atmosphere. The seats are comfortable and you don't feel cramped, even with so many tables in a small area.The staff was great. They were friendly, helpful, and very prompt with orders and seating brunch parties. Everyone of the staff welcome us as we walked in and said good bye as we left.

Brunch drinks. My friend had the mimosa and said she would highly recommend it. I had a hot chai tea latte and would argue that it is one of the best HOt chais in Brooklyn. Food. The quality of the food is fantastic. I had the kale and portobello scramble, my friends had the French toast and breakfast sandwich. All 3 of us were very satisfied with our choices and didn't leave hungry. The prices are also very reasonable. The only downside (and reason for the 1 star deduction) is that there are not that many options for brunch. I suppose you could build more options by ordering sides, but I'm not sure how that would work.Overall, I would say give this place a try and definitely order a chai if you're around for their brunch.

Jesse N.

Such a cute little Italian restaurant! I came here on a dinner date and both of us were very happy with the service and meal!When you walk in, you instantly feel warm and cozy because of the dim lighting and intimate atmosphere. Since the restaurant is on the small side you don't feel bombarded with loud music or lots of noise from a multitude of other diners.

For our meal we had a charcuterie board which came with some delicious cheeses and jams, and the bread was to die for! I had a lemon ricotta sauce based pasta with some seasonal veggies (the name of the pasta is escaping my mind) and it was honestly some of the tastiest pasta I've had. My friend had a bolognese, and it was pretty great too. If you live in south Brooklyn I recommend checking out Bonafini. I've been told they have a great brunch, so I may need to make a trip on a weekend afternoon!

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